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Due to the different needs of security between household and commercial properties, different lock systems will be recommended to meet those needs. Only a locksmith professional will be able to recommend the most suitable lock systems that commercial spaces require due to their need for high level of security to safeguard the businesses’ interests. Seatac Locksmith is a veteran in the field of security and lock systems, and has vast experience in providing locksmith solutions to commercial clients and educational institutions. Seatac Locksmith fully understands businesses’ crucial requirement to ensure of its security as well as its employees’ safety. As highly skilled professionals, the locksmiths of Seatac Locksmith are well equipped with the knowledge to provide you the best recommendation and service to clients; be it recommending the most suitable security system for the entrance of an office workspace according to your needs, or setting up an intricate and elaborate security system for your entire workspace. You may be interested to know that the most popular choice of security system for commercial spaces amongst Seatac Locksmith ’s clients is the complex locking system which incorporates a fingerprint recognizing security system. Other than installation service of new locks, commercial locksmiths also offer repair services to faulty locks.
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High Security Locks


Seatac Locksmith provides a range of locksmith solutions to our commercial clients. To minimize the businesses’ potential risks of loss or theft of valuable assets and/or information, we recommend that you consider installing an effective security system at your workplace.The commercial locksmiths at Seatac Locksmith will seek to understand more about the type of assets and/or information you wish to safeguard, and based on their vast experience and knowledge in this field, will then recommend you the best security system available in the market, according to your requirements.


Seatac Locksmith offers re-keying service. You may engage our re-keying service in the event that you need to procure an extra set of keys as a backup set, or you need a new set of keys as the existing ones are missing. Many commercial clients engage our re-keying service due to employees misplacing or losing their keys, which result in a business lockout. Any business downtime will impact on the business income for the day and as such, business lockout situations are urgent ones. You may be rest assured that the commercial locksmiths of Seatac Locksmith are well trained and experienced in rectifying such situations by producing the right keys to fit and unlock the locks. They have no problems in working with all sorts of locks, so you need not worry.If you have a digital locking system, and it is not working or the combination code to the security system is missing and forgotten, do not fret. Our commercial locksmiths are able to unlock that too and give you your access again by recovering the locking system’s security combination code.
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Old locks may cease to work due to excessive use leading to wear and tear or unintentional damage. Seatac Locksmith is able to mend such locks by servicing and lock restoration. It is extremely vital that you ensure that the locks securing your property or assets are in excellent working condition because they act as a layer of security in protecting your property or assets. It is therefore extremely important that you engage a professional locksmith’s services to maintain your locks, or immediately change out your faulty locks, as soon as you spot your locks not functioning properly.


In the event that you are developing or renovating your commercial workspaces and see the need to change out old locks with new ones, you may consider contacting the professional locksmiths at Seatac Locksmith. With their vast experience and expertise in this field, you can be assured that they will give you the best locksmith solutions after discussing with you about your security issues.There are numerous models and types of locking systems in the market, and different models of locking mechanism have different installation processes. However, as highly skilled professionals, the locksmiths of Seatac Locksmith are well equipped with the know-how and tools to install all types of locks.
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